Advice for Planning an Outdoor Kitchen, With Special Must-Have Features

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Make Sure you Think Ahead as You Plan Your Bay Area Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are on trend, not just for backyard BBQs in the summer, but to function as a year-round kitchen and entertaining center. If you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen that will meet your needs today and grow with your family, you should really talk to a professional contractor or landscape designer. Here are some tips to consider.

Lay a Good Foundation

The flooring of your outdoor kitchen is an important element for safety and comfort. Viking Pavers has many flooring options that are durable and stylish. Stay away from tile and marble, which can be slick and slippery, especially if something spills. Materials that resist grease and food stains are best.

Plan for the Elements

You wouldn’t want your Bay Area outdoor kitchen design to lead to hazards . Think about the wind and flammable features of your yard as well as what the adjacent space is going to be used for. Consider the current view out your kitchen window. Don’t place BBQ islands or fire pits near areas where kids are likely to play. Your kitchen designer can offer advice about how your outdoor kitchen will work with the other elements in your back yard.

Don’t Forget Lighting

You want clear, bright lighting on your patio area, especially if you plan to use it at night or when its overcast. Design your outdoor kitchen as thoughtfully as you would your indoor kitchen and ensure that you will have landscape lighting between your home and your outdoor kitchen, as you will inevitably be carrying precious cargo between the two on a regular basis.

Think About Technology

Include an outdoor sound system and television that can withstand the weather. If you plan to do a lot of outdoor entertaining, you may need to boost your indoor signal to reach to the patio area. Enjoy your high-tech gadgets when you plan ahead to ensure you have a strong connection.

Choose Quality Appliances

Patios that do dual duty as an outdoor kitchen deserve appliances that will work in all types of weather. Have a plumber install a sink with hot and cold water instead of just hooking your water supply up to the yard hose. Contact an electrician to install connections to ensure your kitchen up to code and safe.

Think About Multi-Generational Use

You may have guests of three or four generations. Take this into account in your kitchen design. At least one surface in the kitchen should be wheelchair accessible. Think about how you’ll keep kids safe when they’re around the grill or BBQ pit. Select flooring that can accommodate walkers.

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