Bay Area Landscapers Use Plant Combinations for Dramatic Gardens

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Bay Area Landscapers Use Plant Combinations for Dramatic Gardens

With summer approaching, many homeowners are eager to enhance, add to, or completely reinvent their residential landscapes. If you’re ready to breathe new life into your yard and garden, you might want to start with some new plant combinations. You can easily transform the appearance of your property with plant varieties that complement each other beautifully. In any California setting, drought-tolerant options are always the goal, of course. As you design your ideal garden, be sure to consult reputable landscape companies in the Bay Area for hardscape features to complete your desired look.

Accenting Walkways and Steps

Every home needs at least one walkway, and yours will be more stunning with some plant life alongside it. One way to draw attention to the beauty of your steps or walkway is by mixing plants and brightly colored flowers at the borders. Succulents are always a perfect choice in places that must conserve water. Blue fescue grass, for example, is striking in hue and can add a pop of elegant color to any path. You might also pair sage-green succulents with vibrant flowering plants, such as California fuchsia and Arroyo de la Cruz blue-eyed grass.

The View from Where You Sit

When you hire landscapers in the Bay Area to build your deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen, you will want to ensure that the view is memorable. You may decide to install some of the taller plant varieties, which can lend a sense of privacy to open spaces. As you and your family or guests gaze out at the scenery, you might appreciate the multi-colored flowers of Agastache, which can grow to five feet and is drought friendly. Coneflowers come in an array of gorgeous colors, and they thrive in a full-sun environment. Add some reed grass and wild rye grass to the area, and you will have a spectacular backyard garden. If you love the look of hanging baskets around the patio, petunias and Silver Falls dichondra can make a winning duo in an arid setting.

Create a Lasting Impression with Expert Landscape Contractors in the Bay Area

Whether you wish to reduce your front lawn, frame the sides of your driveway, or adorn a pool deck, drought-tolerant plant combinations can give new dimension to virtually any landscape feature. Always be sure that the pairings you choose are compatible regarding the amount of sun exposure and watering needed.

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