Bay Area Landscape Designers Discuss Fall Landscaping Maintenance Tasks

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Fall Landscape Design Tips from Bay Area Landscape Contractors

Spring cleaning gets rid of the dust and grime that accumulates when your house is closed up over the winter. Fall is the perfect time to clean up your landscape before cold weather freezes everything and makes it difficult to get outside. Take care of your landscape this fall by talking to landscape contractors in the Bay Area to do the work that you don’t have time for.

Rake Your Leaves

Leaves may seem innocent enough, but a good covering of leaves in your yard inhibit spring growth of your lawn. Unraked leaves can hide insects and even rodents through the winter. Clumps of wet leaves can promote mold or mildew in your yard and prevent drainage. It’s also a safety hazard if you like to walk through your yard. Patio pavers in the Bay Area can lay paths through your property to make it easier to enjoy your gardens.

Check for Damage to Exterior Elements

As the foliage around your home goes dormant, you can spot signs of damage easier than you can when everything is in bloom. Fall is the perfect time of year to work outdoors to make repairs, so get those things done before it gets too cold. When spring rolls around, you’ll be ready to plant gardens and fix your landscape without having to wait for things to get fixed.

Inspect Your Property for Winter Safety

Make sure your outside stairs and steps are in good shape for the winter. Check the railings to make sure they aren’t loose. Make sure your driveway is in good repair. Snow and ice might not be the norm in the area, but a light coating can make it hazardous outside.

Prune Plants

Fall is a good time to prune back tree branches and bushes from away from your house. The growing cycle is over, so you won’t stunt most plants growth. Keeping foliage away from your home prevents damage to the house and helps keep pests away.

Drain Garden Hoses and Your Sprinkler System

Store your watering system over the winter to avoid damage to it. Put garden hoses away. Blow out your irrigation pipes if you can’t drain it. Shut off all exterior water valves. Don’t leave it to chance that it won’t freeze.

Top Bay Area Landscape Designers

Work with Bay Area landscape designers to keep your landscape looking its best all year through good plant management and hardscape elements that enhance your yard. Contact Viking Pavers for high quality materials and workmanship for your next patio, driveway, or landscape design project!