Landscaping Ideas for an Unforgettable Winter Season

Paving Companies Provide Design Inspiration for a Wet Winter


As the new year approaches, the beautiful greens and floral patterns of the summer and fall give way to a more dismal palette. Spruce up your home landscaping this winter with the following tips.

1. Use year-round accessories to keep things interesting.

The best landscape companies will tell you that it isn’t all about plants. Yes, greenery can be lovely, but don’t let your inner “creative landscape architect” be boxed in by preconceptions. By including arbors, sculptures or trellises in your landscaping plan, you can keep your yard looking its best even when the flowers disappear.

2. Plant four-season perennials.

Can’t live without foliage? No worries. All is not lost, especially in our temperate climate. Plant some four-season perennials to keep greenery in the yard even into blustery January and February. Camellia’s provide a nice splash of color and will bloom into winter as well as holding onto deep green leaves.

3. Look for plants with berries.

To add color to your yard in the winter, plant some shrubs or trees that produce berries during the colder months of the year. Holly adds a festive touch around the holidays with deep green greenery and bright red berries.

4. Install interlocking patio pavers.

Interlocking patio pavers paths, driveway, or outdoor rooms can add elegance and sophistication to your yard, even when rain is falling, thanks to it’s permeability, as water will filter through and into the ground rather than creating drainage problems. Call one of the paving companies in your area to install a patio that complements your home’s architecture and landscaping.

Viking Pavers Installs Designs Landscapes with Interlocking Patio Pavers

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