For Some, the Best Landscape Design is One that is Low-Maintenance

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Many homeowners are conflicted – we like the look of a landscaped yard but we don’t always have time to maintain it ourselves. That’s OK – that’s what landscaping firms are for!

Working collaboratively with one of the skilled landscape companies in the Bay Area residents can choose from can help you create something large and lush, something more minimal, or something in between.

Low-Maintenance Landscape Design in the Bay Area

Interestingly, low-maintenance yards are becoming popular especially as more of us become concerned with water shortages and other environmental challenges. Many modern landscaping techniques allow you to still put in the effort to make something that looks great and isn’t an eyesore, but you can do so by using fewer resources and less of an environmental impact. You may even find something like a hardscape is more pleasing to your eye rather than a lot of flowers or an extensive, always green lawn.

Or, if you’re someone who would rather have more room for backyard social activities than lots of space to mow, you also might like the appeal of a low-maintenance yard.

Sharing these details with one of the landscape contactors Bay Area residents have available can be a good way to get what you want, even if is more of an unconventional use of your lawn.

Some of the examples of low-maintenance landscape ideas can include:

  • Bring in an assortment of decorative rocks of all sizes and colors, and enhance with plants that don’t need much water.
  • Artificial turf. It always looks nice and green, and you also don’t have to worry about watering and mowing. Today’s artificial grass looks and feels much more realistic than the Astroturf of the past.
  • Paver stones. Make all sorts of cool designs while creating cool walkways, courtyards, trails, even meditative paths. These can also come in different sizes, colors and textures.
  • Plant dwarf conifers and shrubs. These never grow too tall but they provide terrific ground cover. They also may bloom brightly in different seasons. Some may even attract pollinators.
  • Make a mulch section. You can make your own and spread it around, and also bring in some worms.
  • Evergreen trees. Though you might have needles or the occasional pinecone, these are much less painless to worry about than raking leaves.

Trying to focus on keeping maintenance to a minimum can lead to more opportunities to enjoy your surroundings. Or, in some cases, if you don’t need to spend all your time maintaining the entire yard, you’ll have more opportunity to focus on something you especially love, like a small patch or rose bushes.

If you don’t know to get started, look for a company that provides landscape design Bay area residents should consider. They can recommend different types of plants to work best for your low-maintenance goal, and maybe even come up with other suggestions like a new irrigation system. A drip system, for instance, offers more precise amounts of water for the plants that need it, rather than a general spray that a sprinkler provides.

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