Using Landscape Design to Increase Bay Area Value

Bay Area Landscaping Companies Boost Curb Appeal

Want to boost your property value before you sell? Are you interested in making a long term investment in your home’s value that you and your family can enjoy until you decide to move on? Landscaping can be a great investment. Bay Area real estate pros would agree that the lift that well-planned landscaping gives to your home’s curb appeal is an unbeatable value for sellers, particularly homes with water-wise landscaping. Research shows that well-landscaped homes have a noticeable price advantage over homes with minimally or poorly designed landscaping. This can mean an extra 5.5% – 12.7% on a home’s value. Accordingly, a home priced at $500,000 can go for from $27,000 to $63,500 more than if the seller skips or skimps on landscaping.

Simply sticking a shrub or two in the front yard isn’t enough, though. A thoughtful and professionally prepared landscape design is the best way to ensure that your investment will grow and add value. Landscaping increases the value of a home both immediately and over time, but only when the landscape design is cohesive and strategically planned. A common landscaping mistake is not planning ahead. Many homeowners skip the design phase and create their landscape piece-by-piece without having a full vision for how they want things to look at the end. The results are often disorganized and cluttered. A poorly planned landscape design can actually deter buyers.

Landscaping companies can help put together a comprehensive plan that will enable you to reap benefits for years to come. Well-planned landscape designs are timeless. When properly placed trees grow to maturity their foliage adds to the well established aesthetic appeal of a home. On the other hand, trees placed without foresight can grow to cover windows, obstruct paths, and roots can damage concrete driveways, foundations, walkways, and even rupture septic or water lines. Homeowners will get the biggest return on their investment when they go for a long-term landscaping plan, watching a relatively small investment in well placed younger trees and shrubs grow to maturity around their homes.

If you are a homeowner that is planning to sell within a year, there are a few immediate steps you can take to add value to your property.

Create order and definition. Cutting fresh edges around planting beds creates a crisp, defined edge which makes the landscape appear professional. Prune existing overgrown or dead foliage.

Maintain existing plantings. Fertilize, trim, and nurture to health any diseased or stressed plants, trees, or grasses. Remove any dead or dying plants that cannot be revived quickly.

Add Color. Add splashes of color with low-cost flowering annuals and invest in enough larger perennials and shrubs to fill in empty areas with plants that do not call attention to the fact that they are recently planted.

If you intend to continue living in your home for years to come and you want to enjoy coming home to a beautifully landscaped yard as well as improve your property’s value for eventual sale you should consider enlisting the professional guidance of a landscaping contractor who can help you design and install a landscape which will grow to fill your design. When planted and maintained properly you will be able to watch your investment grow before your eyes.

Bay Area Landscape Design Pros at Your Service

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