Incorporating Lighting into Your Landscape Design: Solar or Wired?

Landscaping Companies Compare Solar to Wired Landscape Lighting


The right lighting enhances your landscape design and provides illumination for the exterior of your home at night. Before you can install lighting for your Bay Area home or business, however, you must decide between solar and wired lighting options.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is affordable, and the price continues to drop, thanks both to improved technologies and government incentives. Depending on your tools and skills, you can even install solar on your own, without the help of landscape companies, under certain circumstances. Since no wiring is required for many stand alone lights, you can place solar lights in any location without much planning. If you have solar panels installed to power your landscape lights and the solar system generates excess energy, you can send that excess back to the grid for credits on your bill. Some of the cheaper solutions are not necessarily known for their longevity and stand alone lights may fail if they are located in shady areas.

All that said, since solar lighting relies on energy from the sun, it doesn’t shine as brightly as wired lighting. Solar lighting may also be dimmer or fail altogether on cloudy days or in locations that don’t receive direct sunlight.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Wired Lighting

Wired lighting is more expensive than solar lighting, and you may need to solicit the services of professional landscape companies to install and maintain your power system. Wired lighting also requires more planning and effort during installation. However, with this option, you generally won’t have to worry about dimness or failure because of lack of power and most commercial properties and new homes incorporate wired lighting because of the fail safe nature of the lights. While you may need to replace bulbs or fixtures on occasion, you will get a much more reliable and versatile lighting option that can all but guarantee that your paths will be lit when you need them to be lit.

Landscape Companies in the Bay Area Offer a Wide Variety of Landscape Lighting Options

Both solar and wired lighting options offer advantages, depending on your budget and purpose. If you aren’t sure which type of lighting is right for you, ask the experts at one of the landscaping companies in your area. Our team would love to learn more about what you’re trying to do and develop a smart strategy with you to meet your home-development needs. Help your guests avoid trips and falls, add security to your home or office, and enhance the visual appeal of your home after the sun goes down with path and landscape lighting to compliment your home. Call our landscape design experts at (800) 941-1014 or contact us from our site today to get more information.