The Drought Continues: Bay Area Homes Use Patio Pavers and Native Plants to Reduce Water Consumption

Give your Home a New Patio or Set of Plants to Improve its Appearance

Updating your Patio during California's drought


As the multi-year drought ravages the Golden State – the impending strong El Nino notwithstanding – Bay Area residents are looking for ways to reduce their water consumption and improve the appearance of their properties. Here are two of the most effective strategies.

Native Plants.
California’s native plants are better equipped to survive the drought conditions than plants that are not native to the area. They evolved to thrive in dry Western conditions, and they can flourish with very little water.

Patio Paving.
Patio pavers can install a patio to reduce the area covered by dead vegetation. Patios don’t require any water, and they are much more aesthetically pleasing than a dead lawn.

Asking system pavers to install a patio on your lawn will also reduce air landscaping, which tends to occur when conditions are dry.
Paver installation costs vary considerably, but the benefits are well worth the investment. With a paved patio, your enjoyment of your home will increase, and your home’s value should also go up as well.

Limit the Effects of the Drought while Simultaneously updating your Curb Appeal

The Viking Pavers professionals have the tools, skills and resources to beautify your Bay Area yard, shield your home from the effects of the drought and limit water waste (and the excess costs that come with water waste).  If you’re looking for more tips on hardscape designs, or to talk about your next hardscapre design project, call Viking Pavers today at (800) 941-1014 or send us a message