7 Tips to Boost Your Curb Appeal For Fall

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Talk to any realtor, and they will let you know how important curb appeal is when it comes to increasing the value of a home. But we don’t need a realtor to tell us that curb appeal to a home is just as vital to homeowners themselves as it is to prospective buyers. Even if you are not selling your home, creating curb appeal makes it a more attractive and inviting place to relax with friends and family. However, this may prove challenging especially now that fall is approaching. Here are some landscaping tips to prepare your home for the new season.

Boost Your Curb Appeal This Fall With These 7 Tips

  1. Clean Up Fallen Leaves

It is important that you clean up leaves right away as opposed to letting them sit on the lawn for too long. Failure to clean up will lead to a blanket of leaves that will suffocate your grass and block it from getting enough sunlight, nutrients, and water ; factors that grass require in order to survive. Frequently, use a rake to remove fallen leaves and patch up brown spots in the grass.

  1. Plant Fall Flowers

Even though the vibrant summer flowers will be gone, there is still an opportunity to add up some color in your yard. Flowers can be replaced with colorful mums and heartier shrubs ranging in color from light green to deep purple.

  1. Refresh Your Front Door With a Coat of Paint

Your front door is one of the very first things people see when they enter your home. Make it unique from the rest by painting it in a fall friendly and inviting color. Make it an ideal focal point.

  1. Lawn Maintenance

Even though we are approaching the harsh winter season, there is no reason why you should stop taking care of your lawn. When people come to your home, the condition of your lawn is among the first thing they notice. An unkempt and messy lawn will create a bad first-time impression. You can remove weeds and do some edging at least once a month.

  1. Clear Out The Gutters

This one is more self-explanatory. If your downspouts and gutters are clogged with debris, it will result in excessive water damage.

  1. Add Outdoor Lighting

You might have already noticed that you get fewer daylight hours during the fall season. While this might not pose as a big problem to many, it can pose as a challenge during showings. Ideally, you should show off your house during daylight hours and use natural lighting, but this may be quite difficult during the fall. Use decorative lights to illuminate the walkways, and install lanterns and flood lights to brighten up entrance areas.

  1. Update Your Flowerbeds and Hardscaping

Update your flower beds with some colorful flowers, shrubs, and trees. To keep your landscaping dynamic and fresh, mix up different plants with an eye-catching tree so as to maintain an interesting look. Also, consider lining your flower bed with a brick, stone or rock to add an attractive element into the yard.

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