4 Compelling Reasons To Choose Pavers Over Concrete For Your Driveway Installation

When considering the materials for your driveway installation in the Bay Area, the question lies- paving stones or concrete?

Concrete was the popular choice for a number of years, until pavers took over. Here are 4 excellent advantages of paving stones over concrete for your walk or driveway:

Driveway Pavers Interlocking Design Installation

1. Pavers Are Stronger and Easier to Repair

When installed correctly, pavers are more durable and stronger than concrete in driveways. Even when they crack under years and years of service, paving stones are still easier to repair or replace. Installers may install special joints under concrete to try and prevent breakages, but the usual route is to tear out entire sections or to fill out the crack.

When one paver cracks or gets damaged, you can easily take out the piece and put in a new one, without ever affecting the rest of the drive or walkway.

2. Pavers Come In A Variety of Options

Take a look at pavers and you’ll be surprised at the amount of variety for designing your driveway. Driveway installation using pavers is sure to bring out the curb appeal you’ve been looking for!

Choose from cement, brick or stone pavers, then pick out the style, texture and size that complements your home theme. You can mix and match from a million different combinations of colors, designs and sizes to create a one-of-a-kind driveway for your custom home. In short, the only limit is your imagination.

3. Pavers Provide Better Drainage

The Bay Area gets its fair share of rain, and for this reason pavers are better than concrete for walkways and driveways. The many joints under the pavers allow for rain to easily drain off as compared to flat concrete surfaces. The solidity and the natural features of a paver easily make it more slip-resistant than its concrete counterpart.

4. Pavers Are Easier to Maintain and Clean

Oil stains from you car can deteriorate your concrete driveway easily over time, but it’s not the case with pavers. That oil stain isn’t such a permanent issue when you have pavers in place. Just replace the one stained piece, or better yet, flip it over and your drive or walkway will be good as new. An easy fix that takes half the time and cost!

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