3 Excellent Ways To Clean Your Pavers

You’ve used pavers for your driveway to increase curb appeal and to beautify your home. As you survey the landscape, you notice the pavers getting a little dirty. You reach for the nearest cleaning solution, but stop short- how do you clean your walkway or driveway pavers to make it look new? How do you avoid damaging the paver stones as you clean them?

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Here are some excellent cleaning solutions for your pavers to try out:

Water and White Vinegar

Water and white vinegar is a great cleaning mixture that can remove stubborn dirt and stains. If you have the time, you can use this in conjunction with a classic cleaning solution for the best results. Soak your stained pavers with the white vinegar & water solution, then let it sit for an hour. Scrub off the stains and the vinegar with some good old soap and water.

Simple Green

Simple Green is one of the best cleaning products for dirty pavers. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals that could possibly warp your precious driveway. Less chemicals mean there’s a less likely chance your paver stones will change to a weird-looking color.

Soap and Water

The old cleaning solutions are still the best ones, even with pavers. Use your everyday hand soap or dishwashing soap and add in some water to maintain and clean your paver surfaces. Get a bowl or tub of water, put in the appropriate amount of soap, then lightly scrub your paver driveway or walkway using a clean brush.

It would be a great idea to check out reviews before buying a particular paver cleaning product. Also, you’ll want to test it out on a single stone and see if it doesn’t change color before applying it on the entire driveway. Skid marks from tires can be removed by using rubber remover. If you’re using a hose, make sure not to put prolonged pressure on the joint sands.

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