3 Excellent Ways To Add Instant Curb Appeal Without Breaking The Budget

Curb appeal is such an important factor in enhancing your home’s overall appearance and adding value to it.

You might think that opting to improve your home’s curb with a landscaping or pavers company in either the Sacramento or the Bay Area requires a significant budget investment, but it’s not about how much money you put into it. Here are 3 quick, easy and cost-effective ways to add curb appeal to your home without breaking the budget:

Paver Driveways in the Bay Area

1. Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that color makes your house more attractive when viewed at street level. Painting your home’s facade, especially the front door and garage door can lend a more welcoming entry into your abode. A paint job is cheap but it instantly adds value and everyone will notice immediately.
Who says you can’t add a splash of natural color to liven up your front yard? Plant some bright, colorful flowers that are easy to maintain throughout the year in hanging baskets, raised beds or hanging baskets where they can contribute to the appeal of your home.

2. Redesign Your Driveway

What’s the first thing you see when you drive or walk into your house? The driveway. Replacing the asphalt with decorative stones, pavers or bricks can transform that boring driveway into one that looks like a million dollars. Consider installing a picket fence around the yard to add an excellent visual punch. Repairing your walkway or adding a new porch, patio or steps lend an elegant style and adds great accent few other landscape jobs can match. You can even renew your walkway or driveway’s design with contemporary materials for a fresh look.

3. Light It Up

Did you know that lighting can make all the difference between a dark, foreboding home into an appealing one? Good landscape lighting in the right places can highlight your home’s strong points and the custom fixtures you wish to show off. Illuminate your entryway, garden, yard or lawn with either solar or LED lights; you might be surprised at how magnificent the house looks at nighttime!

Viking Pavers can certainly help you add curb appeal to your Bay Area or Sacramento home.

We are a pavers and landscaping company whose specialty is to bring in something special to your home’s exterior. Aside from being able to do all the things listed above, we can also install walls, outdoor kitchens, pool decks and patios to bring your property closer to your vision of a dream home.

If you would like professional hardscaping or landscaping to upgrade your curb appeal, give us a call at 800-941-1014 or go to our free consultation page.